Antigua and Barbuda
Consider the information about some of the most favorite honeymoon destinations - Antigua and Barbuda. Find out the main attractions and what you can do there together.

antiguaThe vast, twisting shore that made Antigua difficult for outsiders to sail is where today's tourists find a marvelous prosperity of secluded, white sand beaches. The snorkelers and scuba divers from all over the world are attracted by the local coral reefs. This incredible island takes its pride in 365 beaches that is one for every day of the year for you to explore.

Antigua relishes an average of about 9 hours of sunlight daily. Temperatures usually vary from the about 70 in the winter to the 80 in the summer. It is raining generally at night for a 10-20 minute shower. You may visit Antigua any time of year and won’t regret about it. 
The greater part is inside the tranquil, secluded waters of the islands Caribbean side. All the beaches are free to enter, and so the visitors should not gain access to the best of them but just find the beach that matches their taste.
Hotels here provide entertainment on the property though not every night of the week; this will diverge between local groups and discos. The local activity is rather limited out of the hotels but the hotel concierge will inform you where are the best places to visit, a must is Sunday afternoon and evening at Shirley Heights. English Harbor is a charming and memorizing historic area which is fixed on the 15 square miles of Nelsons Dockyard National Park.  

Gear for snorkeling and scuba diving is inexpensive and can be easily rented and at most hotels you can also hire windsurfing boards. Antigua boasts brilliant amenities for sailing and is renowned for its international sailing regatta held every year in April or May.

Hotels offer a diverse cuisine and generally to a good standard. They serve fresh seafood (especially tuna and shell fish), tropical fruit, vegetables and some Caribbean meals. There are some superior restaurants out of the hotels, which are worth visiting.