Check out the information about one of the most popular exotic Indonesian islands - Bali. Learn about its attractions, weather conditions and best time to go.

baliDream about a honeymoon in exotic Bali? Some of the liveliest options to romance. Bali, the favorite of all the Indonesian islands, at once evokes images of ancient temples, charming dancers, beaches, and incomparable grace. Against the background of the island’s looming volcanoes, purling streams and green fields there is a thrilling combination of the sacred and artistic, a surface that is expressed in superbly decorated temples and dance dramas. The capital of Bali, Denpasar is sometimes overcrowded; but you may head for the superb beach resorts of Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua, or the main attractions of Batubulan and Celuk to the northeast of Denpasar; or move away to the mountain town of Ubud. Pamper in water sports like sailing, snorkeling and windsurfing, or just go trekking through the scenic hills. Bali is an exciting mixture of everything you would like to have during your honeymoon - entertainment, culture, and natural splendor.

The main center of transport in Bali is Denpasar. Here you can rent cars, taxis, bicycles and motorbikes. You may rent out some vehicles at hotels and resorts. Or drive in the local buses that ply all over the island. Or you may have an exciting travel on the boats and ferries along the coast. 
Average temperature in Bali does not vary much through the year, and stays at about 31° C. The rainy season is at its peak from October to April. The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season (May to September), but as it is the peak season, there will be plenty of tourists around.
Though there are lots of accommodation options, you should do your best to book well in advance. The option varies from cottages and guesthouses, to hip hotels and beach resorts, with restaurants, nightclubs and discos. There is a wide range of tourist accommodation in Sanur, Kuta and Bedugul. There are economy rooms available for US$15-20, business suites for $40-65 and luxury resorts at $200-400. 
The Balinese are exceptionally artistic and spiritual, which is showed in diverse art forms- the marvelously decorated temples and the dance dramas that illustrate tales from the Hindu epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The reason why Bali is even more attractive is the fact that it’s easy to get here, many people speak English easily, and the island on the whole is very tourist-friendly.