Read about one of the most frequented honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean region -Belize. Find out about possible activities to take part together and main attractions of the spot.

belizeThe perfect time to relax and enjoy the good things of life with one's spouse is your honeymoon. Belize is a relaxing site to relish life at your own pace viewing country’s nature and history. Once at Belize you may choose to visit the beaches, the tropical rainforests, the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization and many other areas that preserve and protect the local flora and fauna. If you are looking honeymoon filled with exotic thrills, head for Belize!
If a beach locale takes your imagination then you can set off for the stunning Amberigris Caye (island) coral reef and Caye Caulker that boasts the world's second longest coral barrier reef. Here you and your beloved can go snorkeling, diving to discover the various and spectacular splendor of the sea, swim in the middle of the coral gardens and observe lagoons, white beaches and mangrove forests. The dream Belize honeymoon may include all the option you want: fishing, kayaking, wind surfing, bird watching, nature walks, scuba diving and watching manatee and dolphins.

You and your spouse may see the mysterious and ancient cities and ruins of the Mayan civilizations. The amiable locals make visiting the place a joy.

You both may also enjoy the cuisine of the country that really is mouth-watering. Try some delicious Belize dishes like the hudut, Creole bread, tacos, tamale and ducunu. You may stay in exclusive lodgings such as cabanas turned into resorts, Mayan style homes, colonial homes, luxury and discount hotels or in a private villa.

A honeymoon in Belize is a thrilling way to relish some special time with your spouse in exotic, timeless and tropical settings.