Czech Republic
Here you may find information about the best places to go on your honeymoon in Czech Republic. Learn the perfect spots here for you to see.

czech-honeymoonThe Czech Republic is an exiting destination for your honeymoon, from the pulsing capital Prague to the back-in-time villages of Moravia, from toiling up mountains to lounging in spas, from the world-famous Pilsner to the strains of Smetana and Dvořák.

Spectacular architecture is not just limited to Prague. There are lots of marvelous buildings in other towns, and significantly fewer tourists. Here are the most popular: Kutná Hora, Cheb, Loket and Domažlice in Bohemia, and Olomouc, Telč and Kromêříž in Moravia.

The best time to go is in May or September, when weather is mild and crowds fewer. The majority of museums, galleries, castles and the like are only open at this time. And during April and October the weather is chillier but you'll benefit from smaller crowds and cheaper rooms. During July and August hotels are chock-a-block with students, especially in Prague. You'll likely get to see the country all under a blanket of snow in winter; camping grounds are closed, as are attractions in smaller towns but the time is right for skiing and other winter pursuits.

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