Get to know about honeymooning in Dubai. Consider the activities and attractions available there.
dubai-honeymoonOne of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai was a 6,000-person fishing village on the Persian Gulf half a century ago. In 1966, when oil was discovered here in the Arabian desert, the population of Dubai has grown to 1.3 million.

Dubai has become a hotspot for international jet setters and trend followers. All the hotels in Dubai are always booked solid. But anyways, Dubai is developing minute by minute.

About one fifth of the world’s cranes work 24 hours a day to expand this Middle East hub that supported 6.1 million hotel guests in 2005, and man-made offshore islands as big as the island of Manhattan are under construction to host more.

Federated in 1971, the UAE is a young nation and a wealthy one.

Numerous Emirates, who comprise 20 % of the population, don’t have to work because they receive oil profits. Here they drive luxury cars, live in huge houses, and shop couture.

Dubai is considered to be among the world's safest cities, and residents claim that there is virtually no crime.

This city on the Arabian Gulf draws travelers mainly from Europe, the Far East, and Africa. They are attracted to Dubai because of tax-free, highest-end shopping, dry weather, extraordinary accommodations, gourmet food, and pristine, almost sterile, beaches that go on for miles.

This city is also the sports capital of the Middle East, with world-class golf, tennis, horse racing, rally car racing, power boating, rugby, and sailing.

You may also try indoor snow skiing. At the Mall of Emirates, one of the world’s largest shopping centers, visitors to Dubai can swoosh down five slopes on a “mountain” the size of three football fields.
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