What to Do in Dubai
Read here about attractions in Dubai and things you may do there. Consider the traditions and conditions of vacationing there.
What to Do in Dubai
Whilst some foreigners come strictly for the mall experience - there are dozens of them, offering every designer label you can name - the souks are worth a visit. The outdoor markets sell everything from exotic spices to gold and pashminas at fair prices.

Remember that bargaining is a key. Start at half of what a vendor asks and negotiate up from there.

You may also visit plenty of expert tailors in Dubai, so bring a picture of anything you want replicated and ask your concierge for a suggestion. Cut can be made up within days (with fabrics that you choose) at a price far below couture.

Nearly all women in Dubai wear Western clothing; others wear a black abaya (robe) over their clothing. Some of the most conservative wear black abayas, shailas (headscarves), veils, and even gloves. Emirati men wear the dishdasha (long robe, usually white) and ghutra (head covering) with an agal (black rope holding the ghutra in place).

Foreigners have no dress code, but it is considered polite to cover shoulders when visiting public places other than the hotels.

Dubai is a Muslim country. Throughout the day in public places, you will hear the call to prayer over loudspeakers, a reminder that yes, you are in the Middle East. And you may observe that there are segregated prayer rooms in all public places, including hotels.

Though Dubai is considered a cultural mecca, movies and magazines, CDs and books are censored here.

There can be found at the Heritage and Diving Village and the Dubai Museum, which shows life in the UAE before oil, when camels were transportation and people were pearl divers, fishermen, camel herders, and date farmers.

The place, where locals and expats hang at cafés, watch the abras (small water taxis), and smoke shishas, ornate glass pipes that filter flavored tobacco through water is Heritage Village on the Creek. The Village also offers camel and horse rides in the cooler evening.