French Polynesia
Look through the information about the archipelago of French Polynesia. Learn more about its most romantic islands.
french-polynesiaDiscover the archipelago of French Polynesia, known also as Tahiti and its islands. Luxurious vacation will refresh your body, soul and relationships. If you want to have it the more diverse, try to combine more islands.

Unite your visit of the main island Tahiti with its sisterhood island Moorea, world-recognized Bora Bora or even with more peaceful isles such as Huahine, Raiatea, Rangiroa or Manihi. Experience the pure magic of the most gorgeous islands of the world. French Polynesia has no mass tourism and no nature pollution. And it is the only place in the world where you will live in bungalows right above water with glassed floor, with its own terrace and staircase into the waters of Pacific ocean.

You may enjoy the diversity of Polynesia – you may head for a pearl museum or museum of Paul Gauguin, or dive to a plane wracks near the airport or play golf on the Antimalbo golf course.