Fakarava Honeymoon
Find out about Fakarava island honeymoon vacation. Read about the islandís facts and activities you may take part in.
Fakarava Honeymoon

fakaravaFakarava Island is the second largest isle in the Tuamotu Archipelago, after Rangiroa, which is located about an hour's flight from Tahiti. It has become a dream destination for those who look for a tropical island vacation escape, mainly those who take pleasure in scuba diving. Fakarava Island is a well-developing place with lodgings that consist of 1 major hotel and some guest houses and bed and breakfast properties. Dining options are limited here, but each accommodation caters to their own guests with a good selection of local cuisine and fresh fish.

As Fakarava Island has rare flora and fauna as well an ecosystem rich in birds and lagoon crustaceans, it is protected as a biosphere reserve classified by UNESCO. And the marvelous landscapes on the Island of Fakarava make it an ideal site for a tropical island vacation.

One of the most outstanding places here is the Fakarava Island lagoon, which is home to amazing sharks, manta rays, and beautiful tropical fish.

Approximately 650 residents are living on Fakarava Island between the villages of Rotoava and Tetamanu. Most of them dwell in Rotoava, which is home to the post office, churches, town hall, shops, as well as a new supermarket. You may also find the dive center here which provides experienced divers with a variety of amazing dives.

You may also visit the first church ever to be completely built in 1862 out of coral, but today just the shell remains.

There is also a very special isle called Hirifa, which can be reached only by boat and there you may relish splendid sandbanks. The main lure of this tropical island vacation spot is scuba diving where groupers, barracuda and hammerhead sharks can be observed. The Fakarava Island lagoon offers an unbelievable reflection of the hundreds of coconut palms that line beside the beach. There are some other Fakarava Island activities, such as boat rentals and fishing excursions.

It is reasonable to have cash with you before you arrive, as there is no bank on the island.