Huahine Honeymoon
Check out the Huahine Islandís facts and its main attractions. Find out about the honeymoon options available.
Huahine Honeymoon

huahineHuahine is among some of the less-visited islands in the South Pacific and accommodate about 5000 inhabitants and is regarded as one of the most important islands for Polynesian history.

The islands of Bora Bora, Raitea and Taha'a are all visible from Huahine.

It is located 110 miles northwest from Tahiti and has 28 square miles. Similar to Tahiti, Huahine is consists of two connected by a bridge islands - Huahine Nui (big Huahine) and Huahine Iti (little Huahine).

The islands split a common barrier reef. Offshore islets in the reef grow selections of melon in the white sand. It is an idyllic spot for a picnic and snorkeling. Vanilla, coffee and taro plants are growing in abundance all around the islands, as the soil on this island is very rich and fruitful.

The laid-back town of Fare maintains the flavor of old age French Polynesia but revives every time various boats arrive with products. The natives blend along the waterfront and relish the outdoor market.

A former royal village is called Maeva. The town takes its pride in many charming archaeological objects as well as restored holy temples (Marae). And the neighboring lake still has working stone fish traps.

One may find a real abundance of natural bays and seascapes throughout the island.

Huahine will mesmerize all the visitors of this enchanting island.