Manihi Honeymoon
Learn more about Manihi atolls and its attractions. Consider the honeymoon activities offered to make your vacation a lifelong memory.
Manihi Honeymoon

manihiManihi is a number of islets located in the North Tuamotu Archipelago about 312 miles northeast of Tahiti. There was found the first black pearl farm that paved the way for other islands.

The island is enclosed by an astonishing lagoon that is 3 ½ miles wide and 19 miles long. This lagoon is home to French Polynesia's renowned black pearls which are taken from undersea pearl farms.

The place is home to about 700 inhabitants and most of them live in Turipaoa village alongside the pass. The village is full with multicolored houses as well as breadfruit trees, hibiscus and bougainvillea. Nearly all people living on Manihi are involved in the pearl business and some locals dwell on the pearl farms which are about an hour's boat ride from the village.

Manihi boasts some of the best dive places mostly due to its moderate size and far from the crowd setting. It offers places protected from the wind and moderate currents in the pass, so it is suitable for both beginner and experienced divers. Divers can head for outstanding places from the pass to the reef wall and observe the vibrant, tropical fish inside the lagoon.

You may also visit one of the more than 70 pearl farms that are built on stilts around the edge of the lagoon.

Manihi is an isle that provides spectacular, pink and white beaches, emerald green waters and hospitality like no other!