Marquesas Islands Honeymoon
Look through the information about the Marquesas Islands, their facilities and best time to go. Find out what is worth doing and seeing there.
Marquesas Islands Honeymoon

The Marquesas Islands consist of a chain of islands nestled about 1000 miles North East of Tahiti. The islands are considered to have formed over 1 million years ago when the oldest island is thought to be over 5 million years old.

The average temperature here is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit while March is the hottest month and August is the coolest. Though humidity level is rather high, the climate is quite pleasant which is aided by the trade winds that blow between April and October.

These isles are not protected by reefs or lagoons and the ocean crashes straight onto the rocky coastline. Beyond the pulsating surf, in the small bays, you may relish golden black sand beaches. Protected coves expose emerald waters. Marquesas Islands are surely for those travelers seeking for adventure, nature and chaste sceneries.

The islands Nuka Hiva and Hiva Oa have an airport and flights operate once a day between Tahiti and the islands. You will fly about 3 ½ hours and these islands are 30 minutes ahead of Tahiti time. But you may also get to the Marquesas by boat.

Nuka Hiva is truly spectacular with marvelous emerald peaks and stunning waterfalls such as Ahuii waterfall, the second world’s highest cascade.  Taiohae is the main village here, where the administrative, economic, educational and health centers of the Marquesas Islands are located. There are also the hospital, town hall, police station, banks and schools here. About 2600 inhabitants live in various villages on Nuka Hiva. The villages are connected by dirt roads suitable for 4 X 4 vehicles or horses.

Hiva Oa is considered to be the first island in this archipelago to be settled by the Polynesians. The island boasts unbelievable mountain peaks and inspiring sceneries from the bays. About 2000 inhabitants live on this island in the villages of Atuona, Puamau, Hanaiapa and Taaoa which are located in their own secluded valleys. In Atuona you may visit the Paul Gauguin Center built on the place he lived. The village of Atuona also has also the bank, post office, some dining and shopping facilities. You also may head to see the famous stone tiki which represents the god Takai'I, the statue over 7 feet tall, which is the largest stone tiki in French Polynesia.