Moorea Honeymoon
Find out about the renowned and chaste isle Moorea. Consider the options available for your honeymoon.
Moorea Honeymoon

moorea.Moorea is just 12 miles across the Sea of Moons from Tahiti and only in few minutes away by air or sea. The island’s area is of 53 square miles and is 36 miles around. And you easily can circle it on island tour or by a rental car.

It has about 12,000 inhabitants. And the pace of life here is much slower than on Tahiti and if you dream of a rural paradise, Moorea is the right place to go.

The name of the island means Yellow Lizard and indeed there are a few lizards and geckos. Moorea is renowned for its fantastic lagoons where white sandy beaches and blue waters present a magnificent forefront to the abundant tropical mountains at the back.

The island of Moorea is renowned for its amazing underwater life and offers some of the best dive spots and which are easily reachable from the wide range of lodgings available here. It takes its pride in offering a full range of hotels varying from pensions (bed and breakfasts) to five star hotels and resorts. And yet Moorea manages to stay chaste and heavenly.

Here you will find a wonderful choice of places to dine. You may visit some of the best restaurants around Cook's Bay which offers incredible sceneries of the volcanic crater and neighboring peaks.

Moorea managed to keep its old Polynesian allure and with its stunning waters and overwhelming views it is an island you should visit!