Rangiroa Honeymoon
Consider the information about one of the largest atolls in the world - Rangiroa. Check out the activities available to make your honeymoon a memorable experience.
Rangiroa Honeymoon

rangiroaRangiroa is nested in the Tuamotu Islands and is the largest isle in the Southern Hemisphere and the second largest one in the world. It will take about a one hour to fly from Papeete to Rangiroa. Rangiroa island is the administrative center of the Northern Tuamotu islands.

Rangiroa means "long sky". The isle is enclosed by a coral ring and more than 240 motu islets that are divided by a large amount of shallow channels and three passes. Two of the passes are wide and deep enough for ships to sail through the lagoon. The atoll of Rangiroa has two villages. Avatoru, the main village, is nested on the North West side and Tiputa is found on the Eastern end of the atoll. About 1400 residents are dwelling on Rangiroa.

If you are keen on diving you may visit Rangiroa's world famous lagoon, which is over 45 miles long and 16 miles wide, and enjoy some of the most spectacular underwater scenery on earth. The Rangiroa's lagoon boasts the warmest and clearest water that divers dream of. One of the most favorite excursions is "shooting the pass", where hundreds of various fish, eels and sharks go past you, swept along by the strong currents.

Nearly all visitors who come to Rangiroa visit the island for the diving but it is also a spot of matchless splendor and harmony.