Tikehau Honeymoon
Find out more about one of the least visited heavenly islands, the atolls of Tikehau. Check out its main attractions and activities available.
Tikehau Honeymoon

tikehauAnother secret island in the Tuamotu Archipelago is Tikehau. This oval shaped isle is found about an hour by air from Tahiti and only 20 minutes from Rangiroa.

After studying Polynesian atolls by Jacques Cousteau's research group, Tikehau was declared to contain the most fish.

Tikehau offers secluded beaches, unbelievable snorkeling and fabulous scuba diving opportunities. The stretches of chaste pink sand beaches, emerald waters and hundreds of flat motus turn the place into an idyllic escape for anyone who is seeking for that "desert island" vacation.

There is island’s own scuba diving club that offers excursions all the year round. Along with the unbelievable marine life, you may experience shipwrecks and cave diving.

Tuherahera is the main village here and is located on the south end of the largest isle. Here 350 residents live who are friendly and very hospitable. This village is full with pretty flower gardens and many fruit trees. There is a post office, bakery and an infirmary here but you will find no bank on Tikehau. If you want to see the typical Polynesian way of life, Tuherahera has it all.

You may head for a nearby deserted motu by the outrigger canoes available at the hotel. That is the place where you can lie on your own isolated beach, relish a picnic and really escape from it all.  If you seek for authentic Polynesian hospitality, head for Tikehau and enjoy it here!