Honeymoon in Grenada may become one of the long-lasting memories of your new family. Secluded beaches, incredible views and welcoming locals - all that caters to your relaxation.

grenadaThe quiet island has friendly people and the lovely and popular white sands of Grand Anse Beach. Discovering its thriving interior, especially Grand Etang National Park, is also worthwhile. Crisscrossed by nature trails and filled with dozens of secluded coves and sandy beaches, Grenada has moved beyond the turbulence of the 1980s. It attracts visitors who like snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and doing nothing more invigorating than lolling on a beach under the sun.

Grenada, the "Spice Island", is an independent, three-island nation (the other two islands are Carriacou, the largest of the Grenadines, and Petite Martinique). The island has more spices per square mile than any other place in the world: cloves, cinnamon, mace, cocoa, tonka beans, ginger, and a third of the world's supply of nutmeg. The center of the island is like a jungle of palms, oleander, bougainvillea, purple and red hibiscus, crimson anthurium, bananas, breadfruit, ferns, and palms.

All 45 beautiful beaches are the public property and Grenada sets a high standard for tropical relaxation. It also possesses an irregular shoreline, marked by many small bays and inlets, so an intrepid beach-seeker is bound to find his or her own private stretch of sand.

To relish the jewel in Grenada's sandy crown, head for Grand Anse, that is two miles of white sand in a sheltered bay. Enjoying the western (leeward) side of the island, Grand Anse is generally calm and clear, and the warm, blue-green Caribbean waters are a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

Many luxury resorts line Grand Anse — which is a big plus if you're looking for a beachfront cottage. However, the popularity of this beach makes for a steady population of sun-worshippers — not to mention vendors, hawking their goods and services.

Looking for a more solitary experience just for two? Head just south of Quarantine Point and make camp on the beach at Morne Rouge Bay — a smaller, calmer, and more private beach. There are no dive shops or hobie-cat rentals here —only one hotel. And also the relatively shallow water makes for a warmer swim.