Expense Calculator
Check out how much money you are going to spend on your honeymoon vacation. And find out whether you can afford it by using our funds calculating form.
Expense Calculator
Find out how much your next getaway will cost. Try to calculate projected expenses. If you do not require a certain item, leave it blank. Try to estimate, if you don't know an exact amount. (It's better to guess on the high side).

Possible Expenses Amount
Wardrobe necessities expenses
Luggage and locks
Passport/passport photos
Sundries (suntan lotion, etc.)
Personal care (waxing, etc.)
Extra pair of glasses/ sunglasses/ contacts
Pet care expenses
Camera/ film processing
If flying:
Airfare for two
Transportation to and from airport/long-term airport parking
Airport magazines, snacks, etc. (roundtrip)
If driving:
Gasoline/oil expenses
Meals/snacks x number of days on the road
Other Transportation (cab, bus, subway, train, ferry)

At the destination
Room rate x number of nights

Room taxes x number of days
Breakfast for 2 x number of days
Lunch for 2 x number of days
Dinner for 2 x number of days
Beer/wine/alcoholic beverages for 2
Snacks for 2 x number of days
Tips x number of days
Phone calls/Internet connection
Activity fees (golf, horseback riding, spa services)
Equipment rental (snorkel/scuba etc.)
Excursions (sightseeing tours, dinner cruises)
Entertainment (shows, nightclubs, discos, movies, fairs, other admission)
And here you can find out whether YOU can you afford the trip. Decide how much money you will have to spend on your vacation and where the funds will come from.

Gifts of Cash
Other Income