Entering Hotel Room Tips
Here are some hints on what you should pay attention to, when entering your hotel room for the first time.
Entering Hotel Room Tips

Here are some tips on what you should do just right on entering your room in hotel, resort or else.

First of all, don't unpack on the moment you enter. Find out whether everything you want is here. Never leave that to chance. If you do not like the room, go downstairs, tell that you're on your honeymoon, and alter it.

You should look for:

Check out the bed size. Is it the one you want?

See whether the bathroom is clean.

Is there a view of the ocean out of your window?

Check whether you have a “Do Not Disturb”sign.

See whether the TV is working and there is a TV remote.

Check out whether the faucets trickle.

See whether the lights work.

Find out how the in-room safe work.

If everything is as you wish, move in and ask for anything you might need some:

Extra towels
Extra pillows
Hair Dryer