Mistakes to Avoid
Check out the most common mistakes couples do. Learn all dos and doníts and make your honeymoon incredible!
Mistakes to Avoid
Do not allow your out-of-town guests to book their own accommodations. Consider discounted room rates offers, and arrange air travel and transportation for everyone who may be flying in for your wedding – saving them money and you the headache of trying to coordinate getting everyone where they need to go, especially if they’ll be attending other events, like your rehearsal dinner, bachelor or bachelorette party, etc.

Do not book too early a flight for the day after your wedding. In case you’re having a late afternoon or evening reception, it’s a good bet that you won’t be feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning when it’s time to go to the airport. Bear in mind what time you’ll need to be at the airport, and be realistic about what time you’ll be able to get up in the morning.

Do not over the top partying (this goes for both of you!). Certainly it’s fun to kick off your shoes and let your hair down once you’ve got the “I do’s” out of the way, but keep in mind that there are few things in life less romantic than spending your wedding night embracing the toilet, or being hung over on your honeymoon, or even worse, seeing the pictures Aunt Edna took of you dancing on the table. Would like to risk that being posted on the internet? Make sure to eat something so that if you have a drink (or a few) they won’t hit you as hard.

Get to the airport early. You’re flying to your honeymoon destination, so be sure that you’ve pre-booked your transportation to the airport, and leave yourselves plenty of time to get to there, get checked in, and get through security. While the airlines still recommend 60 to 90 minutes early, we’ve seen lines at security checkpoints that you wouldn’t believe! Anyway it is better to sit and read at the gate than to miss your flight. One more tip is to slip a zip-loc style plastic baggie in your purse and then put all your jewelry and anything from your pockets, into it to get through security faster. And if you’re planning a longer honeymoon and checking several bags, we can arrange to send them a few days early, so there’s less for you to schlep through the airport.

Most tours and cruises depart on Saturdays. The majority of the 3-day sailings depart on Fridays, most 4-day sailings depart on Mondays, and there are even 10- and 11-day sailings and longer. If you’ve always dreamed of taking a cruise honeymoon, be sure to book your cruise first, and take the departure date into account when choosing the wedding date and location. If you do not live within driving distance of the port of departure, you’ll have a flight too (normally booked at the time you book your cruise), so keep in mind that you’ll need extra time to get to the port city, allowing for a leisurely (not rushed!) embarkation.

Do tell the hotel (and everyone else) that you’re honeymooning. It’s your time to shine, and the whole world loves lovers.

Take your future spouse’s opinions into consideration. You’ve been thinking about your wedding day - and likely your honeymoon as well - since you were in kindergarten. But very few men think of such things, so often brides assume that their fiancé doesn’t really care about the details. Your dream honeymoon should be planned with him and that will result in a trip you both will love, but the one of you.

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