Planning Tips
Look through the general tips on planning your honeymoon vacation. Find out what you should do and what not to make your trip the most memorable.
Planning Tips

Look through the most general tips that can make your honeymoon the most enjoyable and memorable experience.

You should always try to book a double bed room in the hotel.

Do not make booking for an early departure the morning right after your wedding.

Don't scant on your lodgings.
You can do it on other trips, but not a honeymoon. The atmosphere of your accommodation could be the most important thing of your honeymoon vacation as most of the couples are inclined to spend most of their time there. Even if you sure you won't stay at your room all the time, you'll feel a bit sorry if your lodgings are not that exceptional.

You should set a honeymoon budget.
Prior to departure, you should agree about on what you'll spend your money and where you'll try to skimp in order to avoid any possible money hassles during the route.

Be sure that both of you are involved in planning.
This honeymoon is for both of you. If things don't go perfectly, the one of you who does all the work may feel guilty. And if you don't participate in the planning, you'll most likely end up dissatisfied.

Pay your attention to cost-saving travel packages.
Discuss that with your travel agent, as many packages may allow you to have all the advantages you want and save money as well.

Consider doing separate things, so you could spend some time away from each other.

Tell the world that you are honeymooners.
When making your reservations at hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, tell them that you're likely to enjoy special treatment.

You should not rely too much on friends and family.
You may ask your friends and family for recommendations, but don't get overly influenced. Consider doing your own thing.

Talk to a travel agent.
A competent agent will assist you in planning a honeymoon which is suitable for the two of you and at a price you can afford.