Saving Money Tips
And here are some saving money tips. Consider worth-doing and seeing staff and then plan your own honeymoon.
Saving Money Tips

And here is some advice on saving your money.

First of all, if you plan to charge your whole trip on credit cards, you should know how long it will take you to pay off the bill and finance charges. Consider delaying the vacation until you can afford at least the major part of it.

Instead, you may enjoy the romantic weekend getaway and start saving money for an unbelievable anniversary trip...

Try to save your money…not spending them on:
 $ Airport food and drinks 
 $ Breakfast in bed
 $ In-room phone calls
 $ Cheap souvenirs 
 $ Commercial photos
 $ Horse-drawn carriage rides
 $ Packaged bus tours
 $ Formal clothing you wear once

And here is what you can pamper yourself with… 
 $ A good hotel 
 $ A great room with a balcony and view 
 $ Dinner at a refined restaurant at least once
 $ A bottle of fine wine with the meal
 $ Use bonus miles to upgrade
 $ A digital camera
 $ Good-looking but comfortable shoes