Tips on Your Second Honeymoon
Read tips for second-honeymooners. Find out what you should and what not to make this escape fantastic.
Tips on Your Second Honeymoon
Take a special gift to present to your partner on your second wedding night. It should not be an expensive gift but something that will become a memento of the occasion.

A second honeymoon most likely will not solve or erase marital problems, if you have any. In this case the trip will be a fiasco and you may find that it creates even more problems. If you are having marital problems, keep expectations low and try not to make waves.

Expect the unseen situations and don’t let your sense of humor vanish. In case you have unexpected delays, look at it from the perspective that this will be a story to tell your grandchildren some day. Every trip has many minor problems that are of great inconvenience. Take your time to sightsee, tour a garden in the area, or to visit an art gallery or other venue that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

And the main idea of the trip is having fun: laugh, hold hands and steal a kiss every now and then to make your second honeymoon a memorable, intimate trip.

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