Find here information about one of the most incredible destinations just for two of you - Italy. Check out the greatest places and time to visit.

italyHead for Italy, and have the trip of a lifetime. If you want your honeymoon to be unforgettable, spend it in Italy. Nothing else can fit you better than Italy destination, with its romance, splendid surroundings, cities filled with history and charm to make memories last forever.

Italy honeymoons can be spent in various romantic places from Tuscany, the Lake district, the Amalfi coast, Sicily and the south of Italy as well as in the traditional romantic cities of Rome, Florence and Venice.

If you need an unusual romantic honeymoon or if you just want a relaxing secluded vacation, you may head for holiday trips or custom holidays in castles, manors or luxury farmhouses.
You may also visit Vatican City, the smallest city in the world. Italy has been a source of muse for Europeans. You may trace origin of British art and literature from Greek and Roman classics.

Here are some of the best that Italy has to offer: Leaning Tower of Pisa (one of the Wonders of the world), Pompeii (a site of world's renowned volcano catastrophe), Mt. Etna in Sicily and The Uffizi in Florence. Spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November) is the best time to visit the country.

Italy provides a variety of first-class hotels for a comfy stay. All the hotels in this country offer the full range of facilities. Several hotels also provide spa therapies.

In Rome you may relish observing Colosseum with your beloved. It is an enormous marble construction where bloody fights took place between beasts and human beings. Another marvelous structure in Roman city is Pantheon. Fontana di Trevi is also one of the most picturesque fountain where honeymoon couples can take photos as a memento of their visit in Rome in Italy.

In Sicily you may head for Mount Etna, which is the highest mountain in Italy and has the most active volcano in Europe. Visit the temples in Ortygia Syracuse, where you may be blessed by the God Apollo and Goddess Athena.

Basilica di San Marco in Venice is one of the most attractive places here. There are also many other sites like Piazza San Marco and Guggenheim Museum. Or just take a long gondola ride over water through Venice streets.