One of the most mesmerizing destinations in the world - Japan - welcomes the beloved to enjoy its matchless sceneries and subtle traditions.
japan-honeymoonNeed a serene place, a romantic location to allure your senses? If you have planned your honeymoon trip to Japan then you will gift your beloved with a wonderful honeymoon tour.

A honeymoon in Japan is excitingly different.

Japan is a place glorified in contrast, bonded in historical literature and courtly love. It is a destination where couples looking out for specific romantic destination can satisfy their quest. Japan carries a perfect blend of wonderful countryside along with the beaches of Pacific Sea.

The capital Tokyo even gives splendid opportunities as far as honeymoon tour is concerned. In case you are on a hopping spree then do visit the Okinawan islands for its splendid beauty.

A honeymoon here has so much to offer any newly-wed couple and time spent in cities sightseeing, shopping and dinning can be combined with precious moments of escape and relaxation either in the beautiful and dramatic countryside of the mountains or on the sweeping beaches of the Pacific or Japan Sea coasts or even the tropical islands of Okinawa. The ready availability of cheap internal flights make multi-destination trips easy to arrange and eminently affordable, and transport in Japan is wonderfully efficient and comfortable. Japan is so different that there are many options for newlyweds, but the following Japan honeymoon options are all highly recommended ways for a new couple to celebrate their marriage.

A plethora of options for any couple on their Japanese honeymoon is offered Tokyo. You may choose among hotels that will suit all budgets and tastes and a whole world of unique experiences are never more than a few minutes away. If you have a larger budget, a stay at one of the city’s many top 5 star hotels is sure to top off your Japan honeymoon package in style.
Japan Attractions
Find out about touring in Japan. Consider the places worth seeing and visiting during your honeymoon.