Japan Attractions
Find out about touring in Japan. Consider the places worth seeing and visiting during your honeymoon.
Japan Attractions

japan-tourDestinations to take your lover to are the following:

Japan’s Nichinan Coastline. When stepping in this wonderful paradise while your drive along its coastal roads do step in and get fascinated with the alluring smell of the flowers at the Horikiri Pass. Take a glance at Aoshima Island, where one gets his good luck by throwing a clay ball at the Udo Shrine. Another site is 'Devil Washboard', which attracts worshippers from all round, which is a rock formation due to crashing waves.

A wonderful theme park Shusen-no-Mori offers traditional industrial art and craft, wine and beer.

Another tourist attraction is Heiwadai Park gives a panoramic view of Miyazaki city up on a hill top which is a symbol of Peace. In this peace park flowers blossom all around the year.

One of the holy places in Japan is Miyazaki Shrine where several festivals are celebrated. One of the major festivals in Japan held in October is "Aki-no-Taisai" festival where people wear traditional Japanese attire parade along with "Shan Shan" horses to the town.

Another romantic destination for couples is O-daiba and is even was considered to be the futuristic city representing Japan during the 21st century. As traveling from Asakusa station to Sumida River, the boat in which one travels gives a sense of romantic and relaxing experience to start with.

A great place to strike out and start investigating the rest of Japan is Tokyo. In two hours to the north of Tokyo Nikko is located where the ornately decorated shrines and temples of Toshogu stand surrounded by towering cedar trees against a dramatic mountainous backdrop. The small seaside town of Kamakura with its miniature electric railway and love shrine on the off-shore island on Enoshima is curiously populated entirely by cats.

Like the sound of island hopping? A tropical get-away is what you seek from your Japanese honeymoon? Then the Okinawan islands may be the ideal destination. This chain of tiny islands offers a wide range of snorkeling and sporting opportunities as well as some interesting sights and gentle walks. There are daily flight departures from Tokyo or Osaka and you can be in this tropical paradise in less than 2 hours.

Soaking in hot-springs and a bit of spa-style pampering may be the main draw of a honeymoon in Japan, then one of the many hotspring resorts may be of interest. Just south of Tokyo the resort of Shimoda lies and it has some lovely resort style hotels where you can enjoy a whole range of treatments including shiatsu massage, as well as smaller family run inns which provide a more personal touch. The hot-spring resort of Kurama Onsen lies further south and close to the cultural city of Kyoto and it is where a wide variety of hot-spring baths await; some hidden in the rocks; others nestled in Japanese style gardens. Head up for a real hide-away to the “Lamp-no-yado” Inn located in the small town of Suzu on the west Japan Sea coast. The whole place is lit up by lamps and candles, you can sit back and relax in the open air baths gazing out to sea as the sun slowly drops below the horizon and the day draws to a close – a romantic way to complete your Japanese honeymoon.