Las Vegas
Consider the most thrilling honeymoon destination - Las Vegas vacation. Read about what you can enjoy there.

las-vegasIf you like shows, nightclubs and diverse dining, Las Vegas is the best honeymoon destination. It provides entertainment options for all family budgets from free outdoor attractions to fascinating musical and dance productions.

The city isn’t for the timid. It’s big, daring, vivid and brass and that’s what makes it so fun! And every time you will visit Vegas, you may discover something new and have another kind of adventure. Sometimes the honeymooners may take in as many Broadway-like shows as your budget will allow; or you may indulge in fine dining; or you may just stroll hand-in-hand through the Strip’s themed mega-resorts.

And if you love shopping or spa-resorts, prefer sightseeing or slot playing, Las Vegas has lots to offer just for you. Add some romance, and Las Vegas makes a perfect honeymoon destination.

And here are some of things to do in Vegas. First of all, get tickets for a show. There is a full range of performances - magicians, comedians, concerts, musicals and traditional topless dancers and you surely will find a show within your budget and tastes. You may head for a Cirque du Soleil performance, which can be pricey, with tickets starting at $75 and typically around $100, but it is definitely worth the money. The decorations are magical, the music enchanting and the acrobatics incredible. Every show is special—in one, dancers and trapeze artists perform around a huge tank of water; another is devoted to favorite Beatles’ songs. And there are some other truly astonishing acts, such as Chinese acrobats, high-flying trapeze artists, bungee jumpers and silly clowns who keep the audience in stitches.

You may also try skydiving, which is actually not jumping from a plane. Just head to the “vertical wind tunnel” at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, on Convention Center Boulevard, right off the Strip, and experience though simulated a real free fall.

One of the main attractions in Vegas is its downtown. Of course, it boasts the Strip, but there’s lots of history—and abundance of casinos, and the free Viva Vision sound and light show—in “vintage Vegas”, only a short bus ride from Las Vegas Boulevard.

And if you want to get away from the glam and shine of the Strip, you may try to ride a horse, ATV or dune buggy in the surrounding canyons, mountains and desert. You may also head for helicopter tours, dirt-bike rentals and day trips to Lake Mead, if you decide to get out of pulling the handles of the slot machines.