Find out more about honeymooning in Michigan. Learn about great sightseeing places and activities available.

michiganMichigan became popular as one of the top honeymoon destinations. People head there from all over the world as it provides a diversity of vacations in one state. Michigan boasts four of the five Great Lakes of North America.

A honeymoon in Michigan will bring a lot of fun and entertainment. You may have a stroll along the beach stretches of the lakes with beloved, watch marvelous sundown and erect sand castles on the beaches.
Stunning shopping areas, romantic walks by the beachside, local galleries displaying quaint works of art, wineries and some remarkable local dishes such as the pasty, cudighi, fudge and lake fish such as whitefish and lake perch are all the features of a Michigan honeymoon. A Michigan honeymoon will be imperfect if you won’t visit some of the farms where tart cherries are manufactured, as Michigan is a main grower of this diversity of the fruit.

If you and your spouse are adventure-seeking, you may enjoy rafting, skiing, hiking, horseback riding and fishing, climb sand dunes, enjoy fine food at gourmet restaurants, play golf in its incredible and charming natives.

Here are some of the main cities and places to visit in Michigan. They are Detroit, Lansing, Ann Harbor, Saginaw, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Macinack Island, Isle Royal National Park and adventure parks, Adventure Amusement Park and WildWater Adventure Park. And one of the most exciting things is that the two parks offer access for the price of one.

There are plenty of accommodations to stay in once in Michigan. If you want something unusual to stay in, you can set off for houseboat, ranch, or just rent cabins, bed and breakfasts, cottages, inns, condos, villas, chalets, lodges and luxury and discount hotels.

Michigan honeymoon will be a great start to your new life – and the place is a perfect option for the couple who wants a diverse vacation. The relaxed atmosphere of Michigan resorts with the friendly ambiance and attention detail can make this a honeymoon destination to memorize and to avoid challenging your budget.