Some Ideas for an Active Date
Get to know what you may do together with your partner if you want to have an active date. Find here the list of ideas to make your weekend or day together the most romantic and active ever.
Some Ideas for an Active Date

15. Miniature golfing
Grab some pizza and then hit the links. Shake things up a bit by making a little wager. Whoever wins gets one wish granted by the loser.

16. Whitewater rafting
For those into big thrills, head to the river for some whitewater rafting. You'll have a blast together, plus, it's a great way to find out how your date handles themselves under pressure.

17. Swimming
It doesn't matter where you do it: river, lake, beach, or pool. Bring along some sandwiches and drinks and spend a fun afternoon in the water.

18. Driving range
Head to the driving range to practice your swing! You'll have fun together and guys, you can show off your skills. A date on the links offers opportunity to talk as well.

19. Golf games
Head to the links for an afternoon of golfing together. Grab a cart (let her drive if she wants!) and spend the afternoon having fun together.

20. Jet ski
Are you really adventurous? Rent a couple of jet ski's (or share one) for the afternoon and have fun together playing in the water.

21. Go sledding
Bundle up for an afternoon in the snow. When you're done sledding, share a cup of hot cocoa and good conversation.

22. Go kayaking
For big thrills, find a local whitewater company and go kayaking down the river.

23. Ice skating
Strap on the skates and hit the ice together! After you finish, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and some great conversation.

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