Active Date Ideas
Get to know what you may do together with your partner if you want to have an active date. Find here the list of ideas to make your weekend or day together the most romantic and active ever.
Active Date Ideas

24. Go roller blading
Enjoy the warm weather by strapping on the blades and hitting the local park for some exhilarating roller blading.

25. Bike riding for love
Take your bike's out for an afternoon ride. Don't have bike's? Rent a couple! Find a park, path, or trail nearby and enjoy the weather, scenery, and companionship.

26. Go water-skiing
If you're water person and have a boat -- or know someone who does -- get the ski's out and enjoy an exhilarating afternoon of water skiing.

27. Go sailing
Spend the day sailing -- or taking a sailing lesson if you don't already know how. A day on the water together will have you swaying in each other's arms.

28. Parasail
For big thrill seekers, go parasailing!

29. Go to an amusement park
Have full day of jam-packed fun. Ride the coasters and try for a kiss right as you're headed down a large drop. Squeeze tight as you get wet together on a water ride. It's non-stop, all day fun.

30. Rock climb
Many local amusement parks have rock climbing walls that you can have fun with. Make it a friendly competition and the winner buys the other a drink.

31. Take a helicopter ride
See the sites of your area with a helicopter ride over the city. Check with your local visitor's center for tourism companies that offer helicopter rides.

32. Go deep sea fishing
For a unique day on the water, find a local company that offers deep sea fishing.

33. Go scuba diving
If you're licensed, go out on a dive together. If not, take a lesson together!

34. Take a hot air balloon ride
It's hard to beat a hot air balloon ride, especially at sunrise or sunset, when it comes to romance.

35. Visit a water park
Slip and slide your way to romance at a local water park.

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