Active Date Ideas
Get to know what you may do together with your partner if you want to have an active date. Find here the list of ideas to make your weekend or day together the most romantic and active ever.
Active Date Ideas

If you search for an adventurous, outdoorsy, or athletic/sports related date, then you may look no further. You and your date can have fun wherever you can only imagine - from visiting batting cages to taking mountain hikes. This list of active date ideas is sure to have something that will catch your eye. But keep in mind though, just because it's an active date doesn't mean it can't be a romantic one.

1. Go visit waterfalls
Take a map of nearby waterfalls and spend your day hiking to each of them. Have there a picnic lunch and eat beside a waterfall.

2. Go fishing in the dark
Go out on a boat for romantic fishing in the dark by moonlight.

3. Go snorkeling
Bring along a snorkel and a mask and head out to feed and view the fish. After you're done snorkeling, enjoy a picnic together on the beach.

4. Spa night
Have a spa night together, complete with massages, oils, and sensual bubble baths.

5. Bump with bumper boats
Most local amusement parks have bumper boat rides available. Have fun together splashing and spraying each other with water for the afternoon.

6. Cross country skiing
For the really active couple, head out for an afternoon of cross country skiing. When you get back in, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together while you warm up and chat.

7. Go canoeing
Rent a canoe and row lazily along the river enjoy each other's company and some great conversation.

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