Exceptional Date Ideas
Consider the featured unique date ideas. Choose the most suitable for you and impress your date with it.
Exceptional Date Ideas
Choose your own fruit or vegetable.
You will get a little dirty with your date. The majority of states have farms where you can choose your own fruit, such as pumpkins, watermelon, strawberries or corn. And both of you will enjoy this activity together. You may stay on the farm and relish the landscape or take your fruits home and make something tasty together.

Ride a horse.
You may relive the times of Wild West on horseback. Search for a list of camp sites that allow horseback riding. If you do not like the idea of riding you may just walk, tie him down and sit in the grass with your date like an old western love story.

Go rollerskating or bowling.
Try striking out at the bowling lane or let your date talk you in circles around the roller rink. Though there are lots of other people around, sharing a lane or skating side by side is a great way to keep a conversation going. And such kind of dates (like roller or bowling date) are a great way to find out whether your date is easygoing, adventurous, or a prude.

Enjoy some wine.
Find out more about wine and your dates fruity flavors at a wine tasting holiday or event. They are rather relaxing and pleasurable. Imagine you both sitting side by side and talk about what you both enjoy in life while tasting some of the world's best wines. And it is not necessary to live near a vineyard to relish a good tasting. Check out some directories of wine events in your city. Cost may vary from the less intimidating $5 a person to the elite hundreds.

Visit a cafe for poetry readings.
Well, such cool dark cafes you have seen in the movies with the poets singing their hot lyrics really exist. Find out at your local coffee shop about their events and the artists. They may present a poet, a band or a poet with a band on any night. Take a cup of joe for you and your date, listen to some poetry or an indie band and talk about how cool you both feel.

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