Unique Date Ideas
Consider the featured unique date ideas. Choose the most suitable for you and impress your date with it.
Unique Date Ideas

Watch a musical.
Watching a movie at the theater is somewhat dated. Try going to a live theater or a musical. Buy tickets to a traveling group or watch a local production. In many cities there are community theater groups that perform year-round. You will be surely surprised by the local talent. And what is more pleasant that your date may surprise you with a few talents of his/her own.

Ride the roller coaster.
Ride an actual roller coaster to get your relationship started. Visit a nearby side-show park. You may find out a lot about your date by the type of ride he/she likes. Or just make fun by testing each others skill level, by winning one of big teddy bears.

Try the life of rich and famous.
You may stay for a night or day at a remote town or resort community. If you can't afford to visit Club Med, you may reserve a higher end downtown hotel room and live like a rich and famous couple for at least one day. You may taste wine and dine in the restaurant, relish the pool and the nighttime entertainment. If you like it, plan to stay.

Spend a day at the beach or park.
Want to get some sand between your toes or roast some steaks at the beach or park? Organize a picnic for two. Nearly all home shops like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Crate & Barrel sell those neat old school picnic baskets. Put there your favorite wine, some sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. If you want to surprise your date with your cooking skills, then take along a small portable grill and some steaks or fish. Or let him/her show you how to grill to perfection.

Go to a book shop for signing.
The majority of small and big chain bookstores conduct the book signings quite frequently. You may visit the bookstore before the date and see their calendar. You may not know the author, but anyway take your date. You may not buy a book, but you will definitely spend quality time with your date. Walk through the aisles and talk about what genre of books you prefer or make fun of the crazy book covers.

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