World's Famous Romantic Restaurants
Here are some of the top world’s restaurants to visit and enjoy with your beloved on a special occasion.
World's Famous Romantic Restaurants

Les Ambassadeurs

Hôtel de Crillon
10, place de la Concorde
75008 Paris
Phone: 01 44 71 16 16

Hôtel de Crillon, which was opened in 1909, has a long tradition of luxury and sophistication. Les Ambassadeurs was built in 1775, the ballroom of the first owner the Duke d'Aumont has preserved the lavishness of the time with its 25-foot ceiling, Baccarat chandeliers and marble in 7 different colors. But the time does not stand still. The interior offers a new view with modern materials, colors and shapes. The light streaming in from the Place de la Concorde is enhanced by lighter tones for the curtains, chairs and table. The cuisine here is always in step with nature and their menu changes daily according to the time of the year. You will have a choice of three appetizers, three meat courses, three fish courses, and four signatures dishes, resulting in the gastronomic symphony on your plate. All the appearances are marvelous, and their originality is a fine match to the classicism of the majestic room. The prices are reflective and the service is, surely, superb.


Verdi, 65
CT 08012 Spain
Phone: +34 93 237 1563
Open: 8:30p-11p Tu-Th, 8:30p-midnight F-Sa.
It is closed for 2 weeks in Apr.

Here you may try Middle Eastern & North African cuisine.

Mesopotamia is a marvelously romantic and reminiscent restaurant, founded by Pius Hermes - a University professor of Semitic languages. It is a warm, peaceful and comfortable spot where you may enjoy made with wheat and vegetable sauce, meat, herbs and spices and aubergines marinated in yoghurt sauce. The meals are with intense but smooth flavors. The ambience is evocative of the Court of Nabucodonosor II, in addition to brick decoration with oil lamps.

San Angel Inn

Diego Rivera 50 Y Altavista
Colonia San Angel Inn
Mexico City, D.F.
Phone: 55/5616-0537 or 55/5616-2222

Mexican, $10 to Over $25
Booking is advisable.

The restaurant had a long tradition in the area of San Angel in the south of the city. The place is located in a Colonial hacienda, and its diverse menu makes it a choice place for dining. The restaurant is perfect for both families and businesspeople. You will enjoy the dark mahogany furniture, crisp white table linens, and beautiful blue-and-white Talavera place interior strike a note of reserved luxury. Their specialties take in Crepas de Huitlacoche (crepes filled with corn truffle), Chiles Rellenos (poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and ground beef), Robalo a la Veracruzana (filet of sea bass with green olives, tomatoes and vegetables). The desserts here are from crunchy meringues to pastries bulging with cream. The ambiance of San Angel Inn is completed by the wandering musical trios. This place was rewarded the Dirona Award.

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