Romantic Hotels
Find out more about the most famous, luxury, but romantic hotels all over the world. Consider the most suitable and affordable for you.

romantic-hotelAre you planning a romantic escape? It may be your honeymoon or 50th anniversary, you certainly will want to make it as unique as possible. And various romantic hotels are great for weddings, honeymoons or just a romantic getaway. Such inns usually have an unforgettable location, on a tropical isle, at a mountain top village or in a deluxe city setting.

You may head for European quaint hotel with a view on medieval villages and fields of flowers, where the guest rooms are decorated in Provençal-style with a private terrace and all modern amenities. Here you may take a hotel chef pack a picnic basket for two and head out to explore the legendary romantic places of the Old Continent that conjure up images of beautiful beaches, mountains, pristine waters, elegant surroundings and villages with laid-back atmosphere.

But you do not have to cross the ocean in search of the romantic hotel. USA also boasts a great number of romantic hotels in romantic locations: the sun and cool breeze of Miami, the lights of New York City and San Francisco and, of course, the glam of Las Vegas. You may enjoy the lodgings of enormous size with lots of amenities like golf courses, spas and many more.

You may add some adventure and sport activities to your romantic getaway. Just decide what you like to do together and head to one of romantic hotels in the mountains or at the seaside where you can opt in you favorite water sport or dive.

Despite the location you choose, you may have special romantic package deals, provided by many hotels and resorts, which may include extras such as various spa services, limousine pickup from the airport or flowers and wine in your suite.

Florida Hotels
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Romance at Hotels
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