Read more about the stunning honeymoon in Seychelles. Consider the information about visas, accommodation and activities available.

seychellesThe honeymoon in the stunning Seychelles islands is a dream coming true. This oasis in the Indian Ocean is small coral isles, located at least a thousand miles away from any other trace of civilization. The island of Mahé is the exciting center of the archipelago. Mahé has dramatic tropical scenery with lush vegetation against a background of towering mountains. Tall palm trees against sparkling deep blue seas fringe the beaches. You may relish strolling over the soft, powdery sand, lying in the sun and tasting Creole cuisine, which is a real gustatory salvation. If you would like to have some energetic moments, you may dive or snorkel in the crystalline waters and explore a fabulous world of sea life and observe turtles, reef fish and brilliantly hued corals.

The nightlife, the casinos, nightclubs, the wandering minstrels and beach bands are all luring the tourists to this paradise. And all you should do is just enjoy yourself, as this is the honeymoon of a lifetime! 

You need no visas to visit Seychelles and guests are granted a 30-day permit on entry. All you need is a passport, an onward ticket, booked lodging and proof of enough money for the length of your stay. You may get a permit to stay in the country from the Immigration Office, Independence House, Victoria.

In the Seychelles you may enjoy a warm tropical climate and due to this it is a year-round destination.  The period from May to September is the most comfortable and the tropical rains are less during this season. Room prices are the highest during the busy season of December-January and July-August. 29°C is the average temperature here.

The Seychelles has accommodation for the year-round dwelling, but most of the tourist head here to pamper themselves in luxury hotels rather than budget accommodation. You should book well in advance if you are looking for reasonably priced lodgings. On Christmas, New Year, Easter and during July-August, there may occur a rise of 15%. You should bear in mind that all visitors are required to pay their hotel accounts in foreign currency, no matter you do it with travelers’ cheques, cash or credit cards. Rates start in the area of US$50-100 and more.